This idea of the fountain seems very interesting to me but, the construction techniques and the materials (those which I propose) would devalue the strength of the shape, would shorten the life of the piece, the water system would become problematic, which would lengthen the execution and eventually raise the cost.

This fountain could easily be realised in steel, instead of mosaic. The construction would be quicker and more economic , eventually becoming more robust and estetically more powerful.

Common steel oxidises and stainless steel is depressingly colourless.

A preventive measure against inadeguecies of stainless steel would be to periodically drain the fountain and allow graffiti artists to  unleash their rage onto and around the fountain. The result being clamorous and outstanding.



I would like to offer this sculpture  to someone 

and would gladly volunteer my support and knowledge

(in Italian language) into itıs construction.